Super-state? What's that?

The 'Super-State' is a permanent grouping of States introduced into the Senate where more than one State needs to act in concert, for proper governance or for real changes to occur. This could arise because of the need to recognise a 'place' or an 'issue' important to the future of Australia.

Note: There are State issues or places as important (or maybe even more important) as the issues and places recognised by the establishment of these 'Super-States', but, because they can be handled by one State alone, do not require Super-State recognition.

Why did you call it BloggerMe?

Australians understand why we have called the site "Blogger Me!"

We have been told since federation that the Australian constitution can never be changed because of the power of the States in the modification of the constitution. We have been told since federation that a change to the constitution, that needs bi-partisan support and a majority in every State, needs to be minimalist or it just won't get passed.


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