The REAL history of the IPA

Banking Issues Australia Timeline


1. Banking contolled by UK

2. 1808 Rum Rebellion – a coup by the NSW Corps with the central issue being currency. UK limits led to rum being the main currency medium of exchange. This issue lasted until Federation.

3. NWS grants permit for the Bank of NSW to become the first Australian Bank. UK disallows this making BNSW an illegal operation.

De-centralise government - how difficult could that be?

Recent discussions on the inability of the Australian governments to address climate emergency, bushfire calamity and the death of river systems are throwing up useful concepts that need to be taken seriously at all levels of nationhood, federal, state, local and traditional.

Abandonment or emulation?

Here's a couple that get things going:

Constitutional change? Regional assemblies or parliament?

A recent address by the first Aboriginal minister for Aboriginal Australians to the National Press Club on possibly finding "common ground" for constutional reform was momentus. It got a lot of people thinking about new ideas, for the first time.

The following notes of "possible constitutional change" attempt to raise ideas & assist in the possibilities of broader debate, not to influence the outcome.

It is prepared in response to:


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