Shorten's first 100 days : the 'BRB' problem

The corporate world tell their executives that because of the learning curve the "first 100 days" are key to any leadership position. You don’t jump in on day one, you need to learn where your previous administration got it wrong (and by extension got it right) and you need time to strengthen key relationships, and you need time to develop a vision for the future.

The Need for a New Constitution

There are several reasons why we may need a new constitution.  One is to overcome the problems of Governments signing away sovereign rights through treaties - for example through Investor-State Dispute Settlement systems such as in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) or the Australia-Korea FTA.

This is an issue I discuss here: The TPP, Treaties and the Constitution.

Australia Day Celebrations

National identity?

Nationalism and national identity tend to be sold (by those in power at the time) as something timeless, something to be honoured because it has been around forever.  So these days on “Australia Day” we hear politicians and key Australians waxing lyrically on an important celebration and a public holiday across Australia that allows us to reflect on the history of Australia, and on the “first fleet” that came into Botany Bay in 1788.

The Australian - how low can you go?

Abbott's first 100 days

Abbott's first 100 days : the 'bring himself to' problem

The US pundits tell us that in the "first 100 days" of any new government you know everything you need to know about what that "new administration stands for".

If that is correct, then Australia will pay a huge price for its change of government in September 2013.

Broad generic

The broad generic describing the Abbott government at the end of its first 100 days is 'amoral'; it "stands for nothing"!


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