Abbott's first month - Comments


A month is a long time in politics. I was going to wait for the first 100 days to prepare the score card, as they do in the US after a presidential election, but a lot of water has flown under the bridge, and a few realities are already quite obvious, even before the first Question Time in the new parliament.

So, while the score-card may still happen, a few comments at the end of the first month seem to be well in order.

What is a mandate?

As Abbott prepares to take over the reigns of power, much has been said in MSM and social media in the last week about "mandate". It is obvious that few understand what it is and how it applies in this case and lots of people are prepared to offer advice to the rest of us based on this ignorance.

A review of the election

The impact of the election on current next steps

Well, my life has changed. With Abbott in the driving seat, Australia is a different place to the one I have been ruminating about for the last few years. Here is a summation of some realities I am going to have to come to terms with, as the 'next three year' period commences:

The coming Referendum on funding local government

Debate in the Parliament

The debate in the House of Representatives over

changing the Constitution to give the Commonwealth the power to grant financial assistance to any State, or to any local government body formed by a law of a State

was left very late indeed.


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