Borders, Frontiers and Boundaries - an Australian prespective


This paper seeks to take a look at an important work on international frontiers and boundaries, a legal, political and geographical undertaking published by Victor Prescott & Gillian D. Triggs 20081, with a view to providing a more rigorous nomenclature for describing the FOWTOR model (2008) presented on this platform. I was unaware of this book's existence until the other day, when I came across it by accident, looking as I was at Gillian's various achievements over the years. But the book spoke immediately and directly to my interests and concerns, not on an international level (so much) but on a national and regional level, and helped me put my nomenclature into perspective. I immediatly started to compare their work with mine and found the comparison compelling. I got many of the concepts expressed in their work correct, few need to be re-written, but the completeness of their description of borders, frontiers and boundaries gives an added perspective that I thought will help readers understand where I am coming from in developing the FOWTOR model.

1. Victor Prescott and Gillian D. Triggs: International Frontiers and Boundaries: Law, Politics and Geography (Martinus NijHoff Publishers, Leiden Boston, 2008) 517pp.