Uluru Central Region (R)


Alice Springs 27,481


Alpha 402

Areyonga 235

Birdsville 115

Hermannsburg 625

Barkly Shire 8,137

Cooper Basin

Longreach 2,976

Marree 634

Tennant Creek 3,061

Thargomindah 203

Warlpirir 3,000 - 4,000

Whyalla 21,122

Winton 1,414

Super region:

Red Centre L,X,R

Great Artesian Basin https://www.bloggerme.com.au/map-great-artesian-basin

Hospital: http://www.health.nt.gov.au/Hospitals/ Alice_Springs_Hospital/index.aspx


http://www.cdu.edu.au/campuses/ alicesprings/about.php

Airport: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alice_Springs_Airport

Basin Authority:

Sandover Eyre Basin Authority (SEBA)

  • Barcoo R
  • Coopers Creek R
  • Diamontina R
  • Eyre Creek R
  • Finke R
  • Hay R
  • Hugh R
  • Palmer R
  • Sandover R
  • Thompson R
  • Todd R
  • Warburton R




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Thanks for checking this Region out.

This Region is prepared on the a-political concept that if you are interested in 'place' in Australia, the most important aspect that defines 'place', is the 'flow of water'. The Senate is interested in 'place'.

This Region defines its boundaries at the top of the ridge, where water flows one way rather than the other. This leads to a very interesting 'place'.

We are seeking a debate with people who live in this proposed new Region. We know we've got the Region pretty well correct; after all, it's just geography. But if you live in this Region you can tell us a lot of interesting things.

- Do these boundaries define a place that is unique; different to every other Region in Australia? We think that that is probably quite likely.

- Is it a great place, worthy of recognition?

- Upon formation, what should be the name of this Region? Who would be the Lord Mayor? Who would be the two Senators who represent this Region? Who would be the additional Senator that represents the interests of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander peoples in this region? What benefit would flow from a concept of super-Regions for the whole of the Red Centre?

- Would life be enhanced if it was on a fast Ring-Rail that links the Capital City to every other Capital City in Australia? 

- Many other interesting things!

We think that this is a great new concept of regional statehood based on real concepts that define life in this particular Region. What do you think?


Aboriginal Australia:

  • Jaru
  • Kukatja
  • Ngarti
  • Warlpiri
  • Walmanpa
  • Warumungu
  • Wambaya
  • Kaytej
  • Wakaya
  • Anmatyerre
  • Allyawarre
  • Luritja
  • Arrernte
  • Andegerebenha
  • Bularnu
  • Warluwarra
  • Yalarrnga
  • Yanda
  • Guwa
  • Yirandali
  • Waugkamana
  • Pitta-Pitta
  • Maiawali
  • Iningai
  • Mithaka
  • Karuwali
  • Kuungkari
  • Birria
  • Antakarinja
  • Arabana
  • Wangkangarru
  • Karangura
  • Yarluyandi
  • Ngamini
  • Yarwarawarka
  • Wangkumara
  • Dhirari
  • Dieri
  • Yandruwandha
  • Kuyani
  • Pirietapa
  • Andyamathanha
  • Wadigali
  • Karenggapa
  • Malyangaba
  • Bandjigali
  • Wiljali
  • Ngadjuri
  • Kaurna


NOTE1: Likely indicators only; for original Aboriginal Australia Map © 1991 & restrictions on its copy & use, see Aboriginal Australia Map

NOTE2: The red line is part of the original Aboriginal Australia Map © 1991. The black line is added by Bloggerme for discussion only. It shows the likely State boundary based on the flow of water only. As "the ridge" (See FOWTOR) naturally impacts on the development of the language, social or nation groups of the Indigenous people of Australia, the proposed border is often identical to the group boundary shown on the Aboriginal Australia Map. This is as was expected. Variations are social/historical & result in a particular language, social or nation group being represented in two adjoining States.

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Other regional projections - CSIRO part of Southern & South-Western Flatlands region

The CSIRO has regions for projecting the impact of Climate Change. See https://www.climatechangeinaustralia.gov.au/en/climate-projections/futur... A small s. of this state, Uluru Central State (R), is included in a CSIRO cluster called "Southern & South-Western Flatlands region". CSIRO's Southern & South-Western Flatlands region coincides with BloggerMe's N,P,Q, and a tiny bit of X and a tiny bit of R.


Other regional projections - CSIRO part of Rangelands region

The CSIRO has regions for projecting the impact of Climate Change. See https://www.climatechangeinaustralia.gov.au/en/climate-projections/futur... This state, Uluru Central State (R), is one of the clear projections in a CSIRO cluster called "Rangelands region". CSIRO's Rangelands region coincides with BloggerMe's L,M,X (missing a tiny bit), R (missing a tiny bit, shown above), but includes a large bit of S (the Darling River bit).



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