Menindee State (S)

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(S1) = Darling River Sub-State

Capital: Toowoomba
(S2) = MIA Sub-State
Capital: Wagga Wagga
(S3) = Snowy Mountains Sub-State
Capital: Canberra
(S4) = Murray River Sub-State
Capital: Albury-Wodonga
(S5) = Murray-Darling Basin Foreshore Sub-State
Capital: Murray Bridge




Adelaide 1,203,873


(S1) Darling River Sub-State
(S2) MIA Sub-State
(S3) Snowy Mountains Sub-State
(S4) Murray River Sub-State
(S5) Murray-Darling Basin Foreshore Sub-State

Super state:

Snowy River protection with T Cape Howe State




Basin Authority:

Murray Darling Basin Authority (MDBA)

  • Darling R system
  • Lachlan R & Murrumbidgee R system
  • Murray R system
  • Murray-Darling Foreshore R system
  • Snowy Mountain Upper R systems

State Pin


Browns Beach - Adelaide's beaches

At home, gorgeous afternoon

Barossa at sunset

Brighton Beach, Adelaide City







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Thanks for checking this State out.

This State is prepared on the a-political concept that if you are interested in 'place' in Australia, the most important aspect that defines 'place', is the 'flow of water'. The Senate is interested in 'place'.

This State defines its boundaries at the top of the ridge, where water flows one way rather than the other. This leads to a very interesting 'place'.

We are seeking a debate with people who live in this proposed new State. We know we've got the State pretty well correct; after all, it's just geography. But if you live in this State you can tell us a lot of interesting things.

- Do these boundaries define a place that is unique; different to every other State in Australia? We think that that is probably quite likely.

- Is it a great place, worthy of recognition?

- Upon formation, what should be the name of this State? Who would be the Premier? Who would be the two Senators who represent this State?

- Would life be enhanced if it was on a fast Ring-Rail that links the Capital City to every other Capital City in Australia?

- Many other interesting things!

We think that this is a great new concept of Statehood based on real concepts that define life in this particular State. What do you think?





Click here to:


The proposed Murray-Darling Basin Plan has been one of the most controversial pieces of public policy in Australia’s recent history. There has been the predictable divide between irrigators calling for more water to be extracted from the river, and environmentalists, who say too much is coming out already. But between the two, many experts are looking at the nuances of the plan and saying it’s a lot more complex than farming versus nature.

Susan Lawler: The Conversation 1 May 2012, 11.49am AEST

Read more:

Drought, then flood- how are ecosystems recovering? We need your help with a survey on the Murray Darling basin:

Tassie's Launceston most family friendly city in Australia

Concern for missing Territory girl: POLICE are concerned for the welfare of 14-year-old missing girl Mar...

Murray advisers city-based: NONE of the six scientists chosen to implement economic, social and scientific aspec...

University of Adelaide scientists find mistletoe could help fight colon cancer

Video: On Wednesday Adelaide’s citizen scientists go forth to count koalas with our smartphone app ^CM

Farmers won't back plan: NSW Farmers president Fiona Simson is reluctant to support the final Murray-Darling Bas...

Minister Burke acknowledges Murray Darling Plan is for average years only, not drought years and does not take into account climate change.

Updated piece on the new Murray-Darling basin plan, by Tom Arup:

I was struck by lightning - Adelaide teenager Damon tells of hair-raising brush with death in thunderstorm

Adelaide's Lord Mayor rejected claims plan to clear campsites in city parklands discriminates against Aboriginal people

SA ‘bought off’ for MDB support: Stoner: SOUTH Australia’s support for the proposed Murray-Darling Basin Plan ha...

You can watch my interview with Liberal Senator Arthur Sinodinos online here:

has today opened Australia's only solar panel plant (Tindo Solar in Adelaide)

Seminar (Perth): Hear Dr John Radcliffe's talk on successful water recycling around Australia

Check out the innovative Biodiversity Fund projects now mapped on



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