S-1 Darling River Sub-region (S1)


Toowoomba 131,258


Ashford # 635

Bathurst 34,303

Binnaway 495

Blayney 2,745

Boggabilla # 647

Boggabri 901

Bourke 2,145

Brewarrina 1,121

Broken Hill 18,854

Burren Junction 130

Caroona / Walhollow/Breeza #

Carroll 447

Cobar 5,194

Collarenebri # 386

Coonamble # 2,549

Coonabarabran # 2,609

Charleville 3,278

Chinchilla 3,682

Clifton 1,067

Cunnamulla 1,217
Dalby 9,778

Darling Downs (region) 241,537

Gomeroi Tribal Nation - See #

Goondiwindi, Southern Downs, Toowoomba, Western Downs

Dirranbandi 437

Dubbo 32,327

Dunedoo 836

Geurie 466

Gilgandra 2,679

Glen Innes 5,944

Goondiwindi 5,629

Gunnedah # 12 007

Inverell # 9,749

Lightening Ridge 2,602

Liverpool Plains (region)

Manilla 2,081

Medindee 633

Mendooran 400

Molong 1,569

Mitchell 944

Moree # 9,346

Mudgee 8,249

Mungindi # 804

Narrabri # 6,102

Narromine 3,599

Nyngan 1,975

Oakey 3,657

Orange 39,329

Quirindi / Wrris Creek # 2,580

Roma 7,991

Silverton 89

Stanthorpe 4,271

St George 2,410

Surat  436

Tamworth # 47,595

Terry Hei Hei # ?

Trangie 866

Toomelah # 300

Warren 1,654

Walcha 1,482

Walgett # 1,800

Warwick 12,562

Wee Waa 1,689

Wellington 4,660

Wilcannia 596

Yelarbon 448


Menindee S1,S2,S3,S4,S5








Barrier Range (north west)

Grey Range (north east)

Great Dividing Range (east)

Murray-Darling Basin Foreshore catchment (west)

Lachlan R catchment (south)

Murray R catchment (south)


Darling River and its tributaries, including:

  • Barwon River
  • Bogan River
  • Bokhara River
  • Bundock Creek
  • Burrendong Dam
  • Castlereagh River
  • Cobrabald River
  • Cockburn River
  • Condamine River
  • Coxs Creek
  • Culgoa River
  • Dumaresq River
  • Gowrie Creek
  • Gwydir River
  • Lake Macquarie
  • Macintyre River
  • Macquarie Marshes
  • Macquarie River
  • Manilla River
  • Maranoa River
  • Maules Creek
  • Mehi River
  • Menindee Lakes
  • Mooki River
  • Moonie River
  • Namoi River
  • Narran River
  • Paroo River
  • Peel River
  • Severn Rivers
  • Talbragar River
  • Warrego River

Coal Gas http://www.sbs.com.au/news/article/1626037

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Thanks for checking this Sub-region out.

This Sub-region is prepared on the a-political concept that if you are interested in 'place' in Australia, the most important aspect that defines 'place', is the 'flow of water'. The Senate is interested in 'place'.

This Sub-region defines its boundaries at the top of the ridge, where water flows one way rather than the other. This leads to a very interesting 'place'.

We are seeking a debate with people who live in this proposed new Sub-region. We know we've got the Sub-region pretty well correct; after all, it's just geography. But if you live in this Region you can tell us a lot of interesting things.

- Do these boundaries define a place that is unique; different to every other Region in Australia? We think that that is probably quite likely.

- Is it a great place, worthy of recognition?

- Would life be enhanced if it was on a fast Ring-Rail that links the Capital Cities in the Sub-region to capital cities around Australia?



Aboriginal Australia:

  • Gureng Gureng
  • Wuli-wuli
  • Yiman
  • Gungabula
  • Nguri
  • Bidjara
  • Dharawala
  • Gunggari
  • Mandandanji
  • Burunggam
  • Margany
  • Kullilla
  • Budjari
  • Kunja
  • Kooma
  • Bigambul
  • Bundjalung
  • Ngarabul
  • Karrenggapa
  • Muruwari
  • Gunu
  • Burunbinya
  • Kamilaroi
  • Bandjigali
  • Wandjiwalgu
  • Wiljali
  • Barundji
  • Wongaibon
  • Wailwan
  • Wiradjuri
  • Danggali
  • Barkindji
  • Barindji
  • Kureinji


NOTE1: Likely indicators only; for original Aboriginal Australia Map © 1991 & restrictions on its copy & use, see Aboriginal Australia Map

NOTE2: The red line is part of the original Aboriginal Australia Map © 1991. The black line is added by Bloggerme for discussion only. It shows the likely State boundary based on the flow of water only. As "the ridge" (See FOWTOR) naturally impacts on the development of the language, social or nation groups of the Indigenous people of Australia, the proposed border is often identical to the group boundary shown on the Aboriginal Australia Map. This is as was expected. Variations are social/historical & result in a particular language, social or nation group being represented in two adjoining States.

Pin http://www.pinterest.com/pin/418553359092413959/

Other regional projections - CSIRO part of Rangelands region

The CSIRO has regions for projecting the impact of Climate Change. See https://www.climatechangeinaustralia.gov.au/en/climate-projections/futur... This sub-state, Darling River Sub-State (S1), is included in one of the clear projections in a CSIRO cluster called "Rangelands region". CSIRO's Rangelands region coincides with BloggerMe's L,M,X (missing a tiny bit), R (missing a tiny bit), but includes a large bit of S (the Darling River Sub-State bit West of the Central Slopes region).

Other regional projections - CSIRO part of Central Slopes region

The CSIRO has regions for projecting the impact of Climate Change. See https://www.climatechangeinaustralia.gov.au/en/climate-projections/futur... This sub-state, Darling River Sub-State (S1), is included in one of the clear projections in a CSIRO cluster called "Central Slopes region". CSIRO's Central Slopes region coincides with a large bit of S (the bit that is the eastern half of the Darling River Sub-State).

Nuclear weapons

Centre ground zero CGZ - Toowoombah - 475 kilotons (431 kilotonnes)


NB: population 10km around Toowoomba CBD  LEGEND


Population taken out by nuclear weapon = 102,655

Click here to:


"Early in the 20th century it was thought that the Northern Hairy-nosed wombat was extinct, after the disappearance of the only two populations then known (one near St George in southern Queensland, the other near Jerilderie in New South Wales). Then, in the 1930s, a small population was discovered in what is now Epping Forest National Park in central Queensland. This population was in decline, and by 1982 there may have been only 30 or so animals left.

"In that year cattle were removed to protect the wombat’s habitat. Monitoring the population to find out if this caused an increase in numbers was difficult. Northern Hairy-nosed Wombats are not only nocturnal, they are extremely shy, and therefore difficult to observe. A capture and release program in the late 1980s and early 1990s suggested a population size of about 63."

Christopher Johnson Professor of Wildlife Conservation and ARC Australian Professorial Fellow at University of Tasmania: "Australian endangered species: Northern Hairy-nosed Wombat" in The Conversation 2 May 2013, 11.34am EST

Read more: https://theconversation.com/australian-endangered-species-northern-hairy...

"The Great Artesian Basin is huge and ancient underground “water tank” big enough to fill Sydney Harbour 130,000 times. It streches from Cape York down to Dubbo and further west than Coober Pedy and has been providing the only reliable source of fresh water for rural communities in Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia and the Northern Territory since the first bore holes were sunk in the 19th century. But new interactions between industries such as agriculture, mining and the water itself has prompted the big question: how does the Great Artesian Basin really work?

"Great Artesian Basin Water Resource Assessment was released this week. It’s the most comprehensive assessment to date of the Basin’s water flows and physical structure (its hydrology and geology).

"Based on research by CSIRO and Geoscience Australia, the assessment provides a substantial update to knowledge about the Basin, benefiting from improved techniques to measure and monitor water movement, and incorporating new methodologies that link a range of “development” and management scenarios. The last assessment of the Basin, which primarily focused on hydrology, was in 1980."

Brian Smerdon Senior Research Scientist, Groundwater Hydrology at CSIRO: The Conversation 28 March 2013, 2.33pm AEST

Read more: https://theconversation.com/water-in-water-out-assessing-the-future-of-t...

Australia:> Cubbie deal almost fell through over foreign investment row - ABC Online

Far west NSW councils urged to get more Indigenous people involved in local governance, as Aboriginal pop increases

Weaner buyer backlash: BIG beef operations in the State’s north and in southern Queensland are saying they’re ...

MDBA Chair, Craig Knowles delivers speech at the 8th Annual Water Symposium 2013 in Sydney | Murray-Darling Basin...

River body in limbo after states cut budget

THE head of the Murray-Darling Basin Authority will write to state ministers this week warning them that potential budget cuts will mean environment programs for the river will be axed and... http://www.smh.com.au/environment/water-issues/river-body-in-limbo-after...

State funding cuts to slash Murray-Darling work

Head of the Murray-Darling Basin Authority will write to state ministers warning them that potential budget cuts will see environmental programs for the rivers axed and maintenance work threatened.  http://www.smh.com.au/opinion/political-news/state-funding-cuts-to-slash...

Sale ends sharefarm era: SHAREFARMING took Ron Greentree from modest beginnings as a lawnmowing contractor to ...

Lowering the worm burden: A MULTI-pronged approach of grazing management, regular monitoring, resistance testi...

Feral pigs curb flock: FIRST it was foxes, then it was wild dogs, but now surging feral pig numbers are the late...

Action needed on pig problem: PIGS are fast becoming a threat to sheep enterprises, says Toonborough Station’s R...

"Fracking in Australia: Gas goes boom | The Economist June 2012" Is Australian industry protecting our water in 2013?

Game Council told police of illegal hunt claim: ALLEGATIONS that NSW Game Council employees were involved in an ...

Siblings sound out Tamworth: FROM the Everly Brothers through to the McClymonts, sibling acts have long been a s...

Story just up: Whitehaven coal may have misled federal govt about offsets, ecologists claim.

In the line of fire: READER'S STORY: Coonabarabran farmer Carrie Morse, "Spire View", can still see smoke - and ...

Charity races for Coonabarabran: STUART Rogers is urging the racing community at large to help his Coonabarabran...

New fires challenge RFS: THE NSW Rural Fire Service is focusing on two new fires as well as on containing the bl...

WATER, Water - Just NOT Everywhere: Irrigators cause Burrendong water slide #

Tamworth's 10yo veteran: TAMWORTH busker Jordan Garner cut his teeth on country music - literally.

Storm leaves Bellata battered: WINDS as fast as 137 kilometres an hour ripped through farms at Bellata in the St...

Tassie's Launceston most family friendly city in Australia

More disaster zones declared: SIX more local government areas have been declared natural disasters as NSW RFS de...

'Shocking' bushfire destroys 33 homes: THE worst bushfires in NSW for more than a decade have ripped through the...

Amazing photo: ": This ash/smoke cloud pic is by Baradine resident Allison Canham "

'It looked like an atom bomb' - parts of Australia's biggest observatory destroyed by bushfire

We’re monitoring fire situation at Coonabarabran near our Mopra telescope. No staff at risk. Our thoughts are with community

Uranium not on cards until late 2014: WORK exploring for uranium is unlikely to start until late next year, acco...

Art drives traffic increase: THE tourist road connecting Molong to Dubbo in the State's Central West has experie...

Principal, Dubbo College: highest no. of Aboriginal students graduating from any high school in NSW & in Australia!

Art imitating life in the West: WHEN you think of the State’s Far West, art galleries may not be the first thing...

CSG conviction wiped: A QUEENSLAND judge has overturned the conviction of Drew Hutton, co-founder of the Greens ...

Grazing for keeps at Carinda: A HUSBAND and wife team in northern NSW are employing a production system on their...

Times change at 'Angledool': WHOEVER ends up buying Angledool Station, the historic Lightning Ridge property tha...

BBQ challenge winner: HEREFORD and Brahman genetics have contributed to Fig Trees Organic Farms from northern NS...

RFS focus on Bourke fires: FIREFIGHTERS battling a number of large grass and scrub fires in remote parts of the ...

Underground fire vexes RFS: A LAKE alight near Wilcannia in north western NSW has captured the public imaginatio...


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