National issues & debates?

In the previous blog "Left over from a by-gone era" we explain that the present State boundaries are out of date and need to be changed.

When you look at a map of Australia with new, modern  eyes, the absurdity of current boundaries is obvious.

  • In the present transport technology of fast trains, and modern transport hubs, and 787 aircraft, what has that border got to do with rail, road, air transport?
  • In the need to protect the river systems, what has that border got to offer? It can't even focus on the Murray River, only one side of it. NSW ruling elite don't even know that the water in the Darling River comes from Northern NSW and Queensland.
  • At the moment of the Internet and national broadband, what purpose does that border serve to education, medical services, technological changes, communication?
  • At the moment the world is facing rising sea levels, what role does that border play?

If you take a look at the BloggerMe map, every issue in the papers can be dealt with by reference to the "whole nation" or by reference to a "State" or a "Super-State" (a Super-State is a grouping of States around a common issue).

Here are some national issues and debates:


Blog: What will Australia in 2050 look like? How uncertain is our future? ^CS

This email is sent by the Australian Republican Movement to members of the following lists: ACT Members & Campaign Supporters 2012-2013, Campaign Committee - Sydney Fundraiser 10 May 2013, NSW Members, Our Identity Campaign - NSW, Our Identity Campaign - ACT.

Some useful CSIRO research on the environmental impacts of (published in November).

Identify investment: Nash: SENATOR Fiona Nash is calling for a penetrating national debate to galvanize the nati...

CANBERRA TIMES February 14, 2013: Leaked draft policy: Opposition Leader Tony Abbott is reportedly considering building as many as 100 dams across the country as part of a plan to prevent floods, fuel power stations and irrigate food bowls.

Read more:

BRISBANE TIMES: February 14, 2013: Environment Minister Tony Burke has slammed the Coalition's leaked draft dams policy as ''incoherent'' and ''completely wild''.
Read more:

RT : Australia's CSG industry — no longer such a gas

Aus to worsen CO2 emissions: THE forecast expansion of Australian coal mining and exports could be the world's s...

Expanding Australian coal exports will play a huge role in future change, reports.

With all the fires raging across Australia, plus the record high temps, are any politicians feeling the heat on ?

Former NT Chief Minister "Hendo" likes Peris

More gas, not more regulation: OPINION: THAT demand for natural gas is increasing – and that the price for natur...

Gracious Warren Mundine says Labor has righted a wrong by putting up Nova Peris for the Senate

RT : - farming will look different in a warmer future. Pt 2/5 in 's Climate Change srs

Up to 65% of the worst effects of change can still be reduced with prompt emissions cuts, new study says.

In defence of forgery - why eco-warrior Jonathan Moylan should be praised not imprisoned

Red alert for freak weather: IT IS the heatwave that laps east and west and seems hard to dislodge.

Thought-provoking opinion piece by Bob Brown, about Whitehaven , and coal.

Blog: How smoke from bushfires poses a health hazard for all of us

Heatwave: Australia's new weather demands a new politics | George Monbiot

Conditions ease but fire threat far from over: Cooler weather has been a blessing for the thousands batt...

The Bureau of Meteorology has removed the new "deep purple" heat range from its latest weather charts after one day.

Heatwaves here to stay: THE heatwave that has scorched the nation since Christmas is a taste of things to come, ...

A new national temperature record was set on Monday - an AVERAGE maximum of 40.33 degrees across the continent.

Deep purple: new colour code introduced to Australia's temperature records to signify 54 degrees Celcius.

Sovereign Union spokesperson Michael Anderson, slams Act of Recognition as an absolute insult to First Nations Peoples.

CO2 not so simple, says CSIRO: MEDIA mogul Rupert Murdoch was right to say the world's forests are growing faste...

Money for bushfire research is running out - co-operative research centre funding ends in June.

Here is the Bureau of Meteorology's special statement on the Australian heatwave.

Six of the first seven days in 2013 have been among Australia's top 20 hottest days this century.

Tomorrow's page one story in the Herald: vast "heat dome" advancing across eastern Australia, bringing fires with it.

Highly recommend ‘Poverty in the Midst of Plenty: Aboriginal People, the “Resource Curse” and Australia’s Mining Boom’

Peak farmland reached?: FAR from needing more farmland over coming decades, we will need less, an optimistic new...

UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change had projected a sea level rise of 18 to 59 centimetres worldwide by 2100

Coal miners released a last-minute lobbying effort before the change authority released its renewable report.

Australia's 2020 renewable energy target should be retained, change authority says. SMH report here:

Maloney's barrister Chris Ronalds SC:targeted laws that criminalise conduct not criminalised in non-Indig communities

Govt gives solar energy massive funding boost


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