R-1 Cook Region (A)


Cooktown 2,339



Hopevale 914

Lockhart River 642

Coen 253

Laura 225

Hope Vale 750 * See above

Wujal Wujal 326

Cape Grenville

Cape Melville

Cape Flattery

Super regions:

Cape York Peninsula A, B

Great Barrier Reef A, AG, AF




University: NO




Great Dividing Range

Basin Authority:

Endeavour Basin Authority (EBA)

  • Normanby R
  • Endeavour R

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    Thanks for checking this Region out.

    This Region is prepared on the a-political concept that if you are interested in 'place' in Australia, the most important aspect that defines 'place', is the 'flow of water'. The Senate is interested in 'place'.

    This Region defines its boundaries at the top of the ridge, where water flows one way rather than the other. This leads to a very interesting 'place'.

    We are seeking a debate with people who live in this proposed new Region. We know we've got the Region pretty well correct; after all, it's just geography. But if you live in this Region you can tell us a lot of interesting things.

    - Do these boundaries define a place that is unique; different to every other Region in Australia? We think that that is probably quite likely.

    - Is it a great place, worthy of recognition?

    - Upon formation, what should be the name of this Region? Who would be the Lord Mayor? Who would be the two Senators who represent this Region? Who would be the additional Senator that represents the interests of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander peoples in this region? What benefit would flow from a concept of super-Regions for the whole of the Cape York Peninsula and for the Great Barrier Reef?

    - Would life be enhanced if it was on a fast Ring-Rail that links the Capital City to every other Capital City in Australia? 

    - Many other interesting things!

    We think that this is a great new concept of regional statehood based on real concepts that define life in this particular Region. What do you think?

    Aboriginal Australia:

    • Wuthathi
    • Kuuku-ya'u
    • Uutaalnganu
    • Umpila
    • Kuuku-yani
    • Umbindhamu
    • Mutumui
    • Lamalama
    • Guugu-Yimidhirr
    • Kunjen
    • Kokowarra
    • Kuku-yalanji


    NOTE1: Likely indicators only; for original Aboriginal Australia Map © 1991 & restrictions on its copy & use, see Aboriginal Australia Map

    NOTE2: The red line is part of the original Aboriginal Australia Map © 1991. The black line is added by Bloggerme for discussion only. It shows the likely State boundary based on the flow of water only. As "the ridge" (See FOWTOR) naturally impacts on the development of the language, social or nation groups of the Indigenous people of Australia, the proposed border is often identical to the group boundary shown on the Aboriginal Australia Map. This is as was expected. Variations are social/historical & result in a particular language, social or nation group being represented in two adjoining States.

    Pin http://www.pinterest.com/pin/418553359092407152/

    Other regional projections - CSIRO part of Wet Tropicas region

    The CSIRO has regions for projecting the impact of Climate Change. See https://www.climatechangeinaustralia.gov.au/en/climate-projections/futur... This state, Carpentaria State (C), is one of the clear projections in a CSIRO cluster called "Monsoon North region". CSIRO's Wet Tropics region coincides exactly with BloggerMe's A,B,AG.

    Click here to:


    @ABCFarNorth 3h3 hours ago
    #TCNathan still remains as a category 3 cyclone and moves west-northwest at 16km/h http://www.bom.gov.au/cgi-bin/wrap_fwo.pl?IDQ20032.html

    @ABCemergency 19 Mar 2015 10:05PM
    #TCNathan estimated to be 80km ENE of Cape Flattery & 115km NE of Cooktown http://ab.co/1wnMHg5

    #CycloneNathan is cat 3 & intensifying, estimated to be 405km of #Cooktown, #Queensland. http://ab.co/1wnMHg5 #QLD

    TC Nathan going to Category 4 as it heads to shore Cape Flattery



    @jennyweather And the latest track map. Seems likley it will then cross into Gulf waters.

    Pulled back out to sea, by TCPam

    Now heading back to Cairns

    Part of a multiple cyclone system, TCNathan is pulled out to sea as TCPam strengthens in Vanuatu and TCOlwyn hits land at Exmouth.


    A cyclone part of a multiple cyclone system including Cyclone Nathan heading towards Cape Flattery & Cooktown & Cyclone Pam over Vanuatu. @ABCemergency 3m3 minutes ago pic.twitter.com/BkFpyocUQP
    Cyclone warnings for #Qld (Coen - Cape Trib) + #WA (inc Karatha + Exmouth). #CycloneNathan


    "The status of Australian dugongs varies greatly. Shark Bay supports a large dugong population with minimal human pressures, making it the most secure dugong population in the world. On the other hand, the urban coast of the Great Barrier Reef (GBR) region between Cairns and Bundaberg poses many threats to dugongs.

    "Torres Strait is the world’s largest dugong habitat. Surveys conducted by my group at James Cook University show that the region contains a remarkable 58% of the habitat supporting high densities of dugongs in Queensland, as illustrated by the map below."

    "Dugong habitat in Torres Strait is much more extensive than we thought. In 2010, the Torres Strait Regional Authority partnered with scientists at Fisheries Queensland to conduct the first seagrass survey of far western Torres Strait. This survey discovered that this very remote region supported the largest continuous seagrass bed in Australia. My group subsequently extended our aerial survey of Torres Strait to cover this area and established that it also supports a sizable dugong population."

    Helene Marsh Distinguished Professor of Environmental Science at James Cook University: "Dugongs are safer in Torres Strait than Townsville" in The Conversation 10 May 2013, 6.31am EST

    Read more: https://theconversation.com/dugongs-are-safer-in-torres-strait-than-town...

    's emerging Indigenous performers are coming 2 the radio + we want you 2 !

    Cook Shire Mayor Peter Scott: "Teams working hard to fix major power failure - EMQ, Ergon well rehearsed for this being wet season."

    Bid to save green tape: A GROUP of Australia's most respected scientists is urging the federal government to aba...

    Bail for cattle station couple accused of murder

    It's been 10 minutes since totality at the - I still have goosebumps!

    ABC Far North's Phil Staley is in Palmer River and says two portable hospitals have been set up there. The...

    Daytime dance floor at festival - some ABC staff may/may not have danced.

    Luke and Matt from Burleigh are giving free music lessons at the festival! Learn the bongo!

    10,000 party lovers at for the festival. Like a village in the middle of nowhere!

    Amazing! 6000 campers at for the Palmer has become the centre of the universe!

    THE Wet Tropics has been recognised by Federal govt for its indigenous cultural significance to Australia.

    Justice Henry QLD Sup Crt handed down judgement in favour of families of five killed in 2005 Lockhart River plane crash

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