Integrated Rail Infrastructure (IRI): 3 elements ->

This plan promotes the idea of a fast and efficient integrated rail infrastructure, as being an important part of Australia's future:


IRI-1. North-South Cross Rail (aready built) = Darwin to Alice Springs to Port Augusta (to Adelaide)

IRI-2. West-East Cross Rail = Carnarvon to Alice Springs to Rockhampton

IRI-3. Ring-Rail =>

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Trains run from AC Brisbane to AG Cairns, a laborious 30 hours.

Trains run from Y Sydney to Nowra on the South Coast line, but the line would need to be upgraded. Laborious trackwork has been continuous since the 1850s.;jsessionid=D578E2A2074A0E705561541711...

Trains run from O Melbourne to S Adelaide, P Perth, R Alice Springs, F Katherine and H Darwin.

From Mebourne to P Perth is a couple of days and nights in either direction. It doesnt stop in Albany.

Perth rail goes to Q Albany, N Geraldton, but not to

Bus services from Perth to Broome cost $400 and to Darwin cost $800. See

Infrastructural implications: STAGE 1: New fast rail Cooktown to Darwin, 6 stops on the way; STAGE 2: New fast rail Cooktown to Cairns. STAGE 3: New fast rail from Sydney to Melbourne via the South Coast, only 2 stops on the way. STAGE 4: New fast rail from Albany to Darwin, 6 stops on the way. STAGE 5: Upgrade rail to fast rail Melbourne to Perth stopping at Adelaide & Albany. STAGE 6: Upgrade rail to fast rail Sydney to Cairns, 7 stops on the way. STAGE 7: Upgrade rail to fast rail Adelaide to Alice Springs, no stops.


Airline infrastructure


As a result of these changes, a fully-fledged international airport will be developed in Alice Springs. Alice Springs is equi-distant to every other State Capital (2.5 - 3.5 hours). Important Senate Committee meetings will move to Alice Springs, because every Senator is equi-distant. Treasury meetings will happen in Alice Springs because every State Treasurer and their Federal counterpart are all equi-distant. This makes them viable to happen regularly, on a monthly basis. A major airline will move to Alice Springs and set up a link to every State Capital, making Alice Springs a viable stop over and a viable first port of call, as visitors can choose any part of Australia from 'The Alice'. Because these meetings happen regularly, more permanent arrangements will start to happen for accommodation, workspaces, eat-out arrangements, etc. Industrial relocation for for manufacturers/suppliers needing to deliver to any part of Australia within one day will start to take place; nobody had ever considered its benefits before. Head Offices for companies (and government/semi-government/non-government bodies) that have outlets in every State (32 capitals) will move to Alice Springs because they have 32 flights to choose from, making access to every office immediate. (Suddenly, 'The Alice' starts to look like a viable alternative for the Capital of Australia. (Well, maybe I am joking. But, who knows? with changes like those detailed in this Blog-site, it starts to seem like anything is possible ...))