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Centrelinkfail - the end of Privacy in Australia?

Well that was a year, that was! 2016? The year that they destroyed the meaning of the word #Census. And now we understand it was the year that they destroyed the meaning of the word #Centrelink, too.

Cameron #Brexit, while Turnbull #Fuxit: Conservatism gone feral


Neoliberalism is based on a lie. It's been happening since the mid 70s when US economist Milton Friedman & Austrian/British economist Friedrich Hayek finally threw out the long standing economic traditions of British economist John Maynard Keynes, (who had focussed on government policy to avoid the problems of unplanned market forces made clear in the 1929 crash), and replaced it with a return to *unrestrained competition*. Neoliberalism took up this argument with a passion.


The lie of Neoliberalism goes something like this:

Abbott: "referendums or plebiscites? you decide" - The plebs: "please sir, I want some more"

Constitutional crisis?

That was a week, that was. Question, Mr Speaker: If the lying, cheating, rorting, corrupt, secretive, racist, child-molesting, rapist, murderous, incompetent, hypocritical (and I use these words advisedly) buffoons in Canberra offer you a "referendum or a plebiscite?", do you reply "please sir, I want some more?" or is it a Constitutional crisis?

Abbott & the seige mentality

Looking back: the siege mentality

Coming events

Early September, I knew the Sydney siege was on the agenda; I just didn’t know what it would look like or where or when it would happen. But Abbott appeared to be promoting a siege mentality (for his own reasons) and for me, this sort of thinking usually leads to nasty outcomes.

Why would I say Lest we forget?

A more personal reflection of the Whitlam days and other similar irrelevancies

Here is a personal note by an old leftie looking back on Whitlam's 3 big years from Remembrance Day 11th of the 11th 2014

Looking back: Anzac Day marches in a small country town

For the first few years of my life, watching Anzac Day marches each year in the small country town of my birth, I was convinced they ended every public statement of honour and respect for the Diggers with the declaration:

“We will remember them (unless we forget)!”


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