Twitter is a trollop

I made a personal mistake. I allowed Twitter to dominate my life for a number of years. There are good reasons why I did that. But the truth is, and I already knew it to be the truth, Twitter is a western multi-national capitalist corporation. Twitter is a trollop. Twitter is not interested in the lives of its 30 million active users, which it calls its Followers. It doesn't do anything. It provides a bit of technology which its users use to Follow each other and Post, RT, Like, Thread, Hashtag, and DM each other. Its followers do all the work. But this little bit of technology on the Internet allows Twitter to dominate 30 million lives across the world and turns it into one of the most successful & profitable corporations in the world.

I call Twitter a trollop because its interest (yeah, right) in its users turns every Post into a Troll for Twitter. It doesn't give a fuck what is in the Post, as long as it controls the Op.

After a decade of interacting with other users (my Followers) I was finally "Suspended" by Twitter. Which means "You're Wiped". "Get out." "Fuck off". "You'll never be a user again". A laughable malapropism, which should be expected because it is the prime example of a troll; that's what trolls do; that's what trolls are best at. And since Twitter is just a trollop, what else should I expect?

This the message BloggerMe3 received from the trollop telling me of the malapromism:

Anyone, any Australian, at least, reading my tweet knows immediately my message to Albo is saying that he needs to get it together or all will be lost. It might have a couple of "naughty" words, like the C-word, but if you are a user of Twitter & you do a *word search* of that naughty word c**t or you do a *Hashtag search* of #c**t you will find hundreds, if not thousands of tweets. And a quick review of these usage will reveal they are not being malappropism-ed by the trollop. The use of this word does not turn this statement I have made into a promotion of "violence or a threatening or a harassment of anyone on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability or serious disease". Many of my Followers use this word continuously in ways that can be directly linked to the PM & his ministers. With no similar retribution by the trollop. The idea that this is the reason for my malapromism by the trollop is ludicrous. There must be something else going on.

Here is my request for a review:

This the reply I received from the trollop:

No reason given, just a restatement of the charge & a reply which basically says Fuckyou, piss off, you will never be a user again.

So, I don't know the crime I have committed, but I should have known that if you spend thousands of hours using an app provided by a global megacorporation you better beware. At any time you could lose that app & the cost to you, over time, will be huge, & you will eventually end up with nothing.

If there is a problem seeing any evidence of the crime in the tweet provided by the trollop as their excuse I thought I better look at other tweets for a possible explanation. But of course I can't do that. I only have a few recent tweets & one thread to look at because I have been malappromism-ed. Like the last Thread I built was in response to an important Follower who raised the meaning of the old manuscript The Communist Manifesto. Here is his tweet on 4 July:

I thought I would use my knowledge of history to try & help him, my friend, understand where this little book came from, & the impact it had on the years to follow. I wasn't trying to get across any ideas of my own (like him I am not a Communist), I just wanted him to have a few events & the dates of those events to help him locate that little book in the history of modern Western society.

Here's my Thread in reply to his question (I've had to reconstruct it, but it's pretty close):