Political Realities

The framers of the Australian Constitution envisaged ordinary people spending one or two terms in parliament and then returning to their normal lives. What we've ended up with is a political elite who make careers out of being in parliament, and their main aim is "to be continually elected and stay on the gravy train".

Every four years (state elections NSW), and every three years (Federally), we elect halfwits (sometimes with allegations of criminal behaviour) who are no smarter than we are, and we expect them to sensibly govern on behalf of us.

We actually can do something about it! Through the ballot box!

I suggest that all voters look to see how long their local member has been in parliament, and, if they have been there for two terms or longer, then "VOTE FOR SOMEONE ELSE". That would soon clear out the dross of long term politicians.


An Example of long term politicians working within the rules;

When Ex Foreign Minister Julie Bishop had an empty government VIP jet fly from Canberra to Perth to pick up her and her boyfriend from a charity dinner.

The only passengers on board this flight were Ms Bishop and boyfriend David Panton. Keep in mind this was a taxpayer-funded (your money) RAAF Jet that flew from Canberra to Perth, and then back again, solely for the convenience of Julie Bishop.

The deputy Liberal leader had attended a private­ dinner for WA Telethon donors that evening but official public commitments had been completed a day earlier and she chose to stay on for the dinner.

Ms Bishop said she chose to take the VIP jet because the dinner finished too late to catch a commercial flight. Yet MPs from both sides of politics suggested Ms Bishop should have cancelled her dinner ­instead of charging taxpayers at least $30,000 for the flight.

The response from Julie Bishop on the matter: "It was within the rules."

Julie Bishop


Julie Bishop has now resigned after twenty years in parliament. But this is a great example of the contempt long term politicians have for the Australian taxpayer.

Julie Bishop is not alone in elected representatives rorting the Australian public for their own convenience. Many others are also exploiting the racket of parliamentary expenses.